Spring Boot 0 to 100 - An All in One Course, From Basics to Microservices

    A comprehensive course covering from Basics to Industry standards in Spring Boot and Java Development. Perfect for beginners as well as working professionls looking to Master Spring Boot and move up in their career.

    110+ Lectures

    What you'll learn

    • Spring Framework Core Features - Spring IOC Container, Beans, AutoConfigurations

    • You will learn the fundamentals of Spring Framework from zero, no previous experience is required

    • Dependency Injection

    • Learn Spring MVC Concepts

    • Spring Boot Internals, Spring Initializr, and Starter Projects

    • Lombok - Simplify your Java code with Lombok.

    • Setting up an In-Memory Database with H2 DB

    • Spring Bean Data Validation

    • Exception Handling in Spring Boot Application

    • Reformatting the Response Object - Polish those responses until they shine!

    • Building Spring Boot REST APIs - Create REST APIs with ease

    • Mini Project: Restful Web Services - Put your skills to the test with a mini project

    This course includes:

    • Supportive learning environment

    • LIVE classes every saturday at 9 PM

    • 80+ hours on-demand video

    • 100+ downloadable resource

    • 2 real-world projects

    • Doubts solving classes

    • New assignments every week

    • Certificate of completion

    What you'll build

    Learn by building. In this course, you will be working on multiple micro-skilling exercises as well as major projects like these:

    Project 1: Spring Boot Microservices with Spring Cloud
    Project 2: Spring Boot Microservices with Spring Cloud

    Course content

    Cohort Starts from 28 June

    Introduction To Spring & Spring Boot

    1 Week

    Explore the core features and fundamentals of the Spring Framework as well as Spring Boot Frameowork

    Dependency Injection
    Spring Initializr
    • Spring Framework Core Features like Spring IOC Container, Java-based configuration, Annotation-based configuration, Dependency Injection, and more.

    • Spring Boot Fundamentals and Features - Dive into Spring Boot Internals, Auto Configuration, Spring Initializr, and Starter Projects.

    • Internal Flow of a Spring Boot Application

    • Maven Build Tools and Lifecycle goals

    Spring Boot MVC and RESTful APIs

    1 Week

    Dive into Spring MVC and web server configuration, mastering the creation of robust web applications. Learn to integrate Lombok for boilerplate code reduction and build powerful REST APIs.

    Spring MVC
    Spring Web
    Model Mappers
    CRUD operations
    Bean Validation
    Exception Handling
    • Spring MVC Concepts - Learn how to create APIs using MVC. Turning your API dreams into reality, one controller at a time!

    • Lombok - Simplify your Java code with Lombok

    • Setting up an In-Memory Database with H2 DB

    • Spring Bean Validation - Ensure your data is always squeaky clean before it even reaches the Service layer

    • Exception Handling in Spring Boot Application

    Spring Boot Data JPA and Database Integration

    1 Week

    Install and configure essential database tools, then delve into Spring Data JPA fundamentals. Learn to seamlessly integrate Hibernate with MySQL, create custom queries, and explore advanced data mappings through real-world examples.

    Database constraints
    • Install MySQL database server and DBeaver analytics tool

    • Spring Data JPA Fundamentals like database, drivers, JDBC, ORM, Spring Data JPA Repositories, etc.

    • Configuring Hibernate ORM with MySQL Database

    • Build custom queries effortlessly with Spring Data JPA Query Methods

    • JPQL and Named Query - Master JPQL and Named Queries.

    • One to One, One to Many, Many to One and Many to Many Mappings with real-world examples

    Production ready Spring Boot Features

    1 Week

    Equip your Spring Boot applications with production-ready features. Add comprehensive documentation, implement metrics and health checks, enhance logging, and integrate third-party APIs seamlessly for a robust and reliable application.

    Health Checks
    Swagger Documentation
    Open API
    Spring Dev Tools
    REST Template
    Third-party APIs
    • Spring Boot Actuator - Monitor your application's health with Spring Boot Actuator.

    • Spring Documentation with Swagger and Open API

    • Spring Dev Tools - Supercharge your development with Spring Dev Tools.

    • Logging - Keep track of everything with logging.

    • REST Template and Third-Party APIs - Integrate third-party APIs with ease. Bring the power of the internet to your app!

    Authentication & Authorisation with Spring Security

    2 Weeks

    Secure your REST APIs with Spring Security 6, Spring Boot 3, and SQL Database. Add various types of authentications and implment role-based authorisation.

    Google OAuth
    Request Filters
    Password Encoding
    Session Management
    • Create a secure Login and user registration system

    • Add request filters to secure your REST endpoints

    • Security against CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) and XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) attacks

    • Third-party registration system with Google OAuth and JWT authentication

    • Implement role-based access control with Spring Boot Authorization and SQL Database.

    • Password Security with Encoding - Secure passwords with encoding. Keep those passwords safe from prying eyes!

    • Session Management - Manage user sessions effectively. Keep your users logged in and happy!

    Spring Boot Junit Testings

    1 Week

    Embark on your testing journey with JUnit and Mockito. Dive deep into JUnit annotations and assert methods, and master Mockito for effective unit testing.

    Assert Methods
    Unit Testing
    • Get started with testing and JUnit. Test early, test often, and conquer bugs!

    • Dive deep into JUnit annotations and assert methods.

    • Master Mockito for unit testing.

    Spring Boot Deployment with CI/CD

    1 Week

    Dive into AWS CodePipeline to construct robust CI/CD pipelines and deploy effortlessly with CodeDeploy on Elastic Beanstalk.

    Spring Profiles
    Elastic Beanstalk
    • Use Spring Profiles to manage different environments like development, staging and production

    • Learn to creat buildspec to define the build flow

    • Create Pipelines for CI/CD using AWS Codepipeline

    • Deploying with CodePipeline and CodeDeploy on Elastic Beanstalk

    Aspect-Oriented Programming

    1 Week

    Learn to organize your code better with Aspect-Oriented Programming. It helps keep your software neat and flexible by separating different concerns.

    Cross cuttign concerns
    AOP Basics
    Advice types
    Handling Exceptions
    • Learn the fundamentals of Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) and how it improves software modularity.

    • Explore different advice types (before, after, around) to manage the behavior of your application at specified join points.

    • Discover the weaving process and how aspects are integrated with the main code during compile time, load time, or runtime.

    Caching and Redis Cache in Spring Boot

    1 Week

    Discover how to make your Spring Boot apps faster with caching, using Redis to store data efficiently.

    Spring Cache
    Distributed Caching
    Cache Configuration
    • Learn how to integrate Redis for high-performance caching in your Spring Boot applications.

    • Spring Cache: Understand the Spring Cache abstraction and how to implement caching with ease using Spring Boot.

    • Distributed Caching: Explore the concepts and implementation of distributed caching to enhance scalability and performance.

    Apache Kafka in Spring Boot

    1 Week

    Explore how to use Kafka with Spring Boot for real-time communication, making your apps smarter and more responsive.

    Spring Boot Messaging
    • Discover how to leverage Apache Kafka for building robust and scalable messaging systems in Spring Boot.

    • Learn about the messaging capabilities in Spring Boot and how to integrate them seamlessly with Kafka

    • Explore the differences and similarities between Kafka and RabbitMQ, and learn how to choose the right messaging solution for your Spring Boot application

    Microservices Architecture

    2 Weeks

    Dive into building microservices with Spring Boot, creating apps that are easier to manage and scale.

    Eureka Registry
    API Gateway
    Microservice Security
    Microservice REST APIs
    Circuit Breaker
    Distributed Logs
    Centralised Logs
    ELK Stack
    • Learn how to use Eureka Registry for service discovery in a microservices architecture with Spring Boot.

    • Explore strategies and best practices for securing your microservices in a Spring Boot environment.

    • Learn how to use Resilient4J to build resilient microservices with fault tolerance and recovery mechanisms.

    • Explore centralized logging solutions to aggregate and manage logs from all your microservices.

    • Master the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) for powerful log analysis and visualization in a microservices environment.

    • Discover how Spring Cloud Sleuth adds tracing capabilities to your microservices, integrating seamlessly with Zipkin.


    1 Week

    Learn to package your Spring Boot apps with Docker, making them portable and easy to deploy.

    Docker Setup
    Docker Compose
    Docker Images
    Docker Volumes
    • Learn how to set up Docker on your development environment for efficient containerization.

    • Understand the usage of Docker Compose to manage multi-container applications with ease.

    • Gain insights into building, managing, and deploying Docker images for consistent application environments.

    Kubernetes Deployment for Spring Boot Applications

    1 Week

    Discover how to deploy your Spring Boot apps in Kubernetes, a powerful tool for managing large-scale applications.

    Cluster Management
    Kubernetes Dashboard
    Cluster Deployment
    • Learn the essentials of managing Kubernetes clusters, including setting up, scaling, and maintaining cluster resources effectively.

    • Dive into the core concepts and functionalities of Kubernetes, such as Pods, Deployments, Services, and more, to orchestrate and manage containerized applications at scale.

    • Explore the Kubernetes Dashboard, a web-based user interface for managing and monitoring Kubernetes clusters, to visualize and interact with cluster resources efficiently.

    Major Project + Miscellaneous

    1 Week

    Wrap up your learning with real-world project examples and other interesting topics, applying what you've learned to practical situations.

    Real-world Examples
    Case studies
    • Explore a variety of topics and techniques that complement your learning journey, covering a range of subjects outside the main course curriculum.

    • Gain insights into how theoretical concepts translate into practical applications through real-world scenarios, providing you with valuable context and understanding.

    about founder

    Meet the Instructor - Mr. Anuj Kumar Sharma

    Anuj is a Software Engineer and has worked with Top Product based companies like Amazon and Urban Company in the past. He manages his personal YouTube channel named Anuj Bhaiya with a subscriber base of more than 4 Lakh students. After leaving his job at Amazon, Anuj has devoted his life to helping students to learn coding. "Anyone can learn how to code with the right training and support. That's why I created Coding Shuttle to provide comprehensive programs designed to help students at all levels of expertise, from complete beginners to advanced coders looking to enhance their skills." - from Anuj


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Spring Boot 0 to 100 course?

    Spring Boot 0 to 100 is a combination of 0 to 1 course and 1 to 100 course. It is a comprehensive course that encompasses core features, security, testing, database integration, deployment strategies, and advanced concepts like microservices architecture and Spring cloud. This course if perfect for beginners as well as working professionls looking to master Spring Boot and move up in their careers.

    What prerequisites do I need for this course?

    This course is Spring Boot 0 to 100 and it is designed for beginners with basic knowledge of Java programming. No prior experience with Spring Framework or Spring Boot is required.

    What is the Spring Boot 0 to 1 course?

    Spring Boot 0 to 1 is a comprehensive course designed to take you from beginner to proficient in developing production-ready Spring Boot applications. You will be learning core features, database integration, security, testing, deployment, and more. This is a perfect course for beginners eager to dive into Spring Boot development!

    What is the Spring Boot 1 to 100 course?

    Spring Boot 1 to 100 is an advanced course aimed at experienced developers seeking in-depth knowledge of Spring Boot. It covers advanced topics like microservices architecture, reactive programming with Kafka, caching, performance optimization, and Spring cloud. This course is designed for 1 year working professionals looking to upskill and move up in their career.

    Are there any practical exercises or projects in the course?

    Yes, throughout the course, you will work on practical exercises and 2 major real-world projects to reinforce your learning and gain hands-on experience with the concepts taught.

    Who is this course most suitable for?

    This course is best suited for Java developers at any level who want to become proficient in Spring Boot. Whether you're just starting out or have some experience, this course covers everything you need to know, from the basics to advanced concepts like microservices and containerization.

    How will my doubts get resolved?

    Yes, you will have access to a dedicated support system where you can ask questions, seek clarification, and interact with instructors and fellow learners throughout the duration of the course.

    Is it easy to learn spring boot?

    Yes, Spring Boot is generally considered relatively easy to learn, especially if you have prior experience with Java. Spring Boot is often perceived as approachable for developers because of its Opinionated Configuration, Extensive Documentation and Community Support.

    Is Spring Boot in demand?

    Yes, Spring Boot is very much in demand. Many Big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix and startups like Cred, Magicpin, Paytm and numerous service based companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys hire thousands of Java developer each year.

    What is the salary of a Java spring boot developer?

    The Average Salary of a Java Spring Boot developer is around 12 lakhs per annum ranging from 5 to 22 lakhs. Senior Java Developers can also earn upwards of 1 Cr per annum in some companies.

    How can I progress in my career with Spring Boot?

    With experience and expertise, you can advance to more senior positions like Senior Spring Boot Developer, Technical Lead, Solution Architect, DevOps Engineer, or Product Manager.

    What job roles can a fresher explore with Spring Boot?

    As a fresher, you can explore roles like Junior Java Developer, Full Stack Developer, Backend Developer, Web Application Developer, Software Engineer (Java), and Junior Spring Boot Developer.

    Why should you do this course?

    With Spring Boot, you can accelerate your web application development. Our comprehensive course equips you with essential tools, tailored lessons, hands-on projects, and industry-ready skills for mastering real-life application building.

    How well are Coding Shuttle alumni doing?

    Over 5000 Coding Shuttle alumni from various colleges and companies are now working in top tech companies. At last count, we had over a hundrend working in FAANG and over 60% working in Big tech MNCs and Unicorn startups.

    In which language is this courses taught?

    This course is completely in English and will be taught by Mr Anuj Kumar Sharma who is a renowned Java expert and has worked at big tech companies like Amazon and Urban Company.

    How do the classes take place?

    The classes will take place in both pre-recorded and LIVE modes. The recorded lessons can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time. The LIVE sessions will be conducted every Saturday at 9PM.

    Can I pay using EMIs?

    Yes, You can pay using EMIs. We also offer no-cost EMIs on all the major Credit Cards as well as some Debit Cards.

    What if I miss any of the LIVE classes?

    Don’t worry, The recordings of every LIVE class will be shared on our platform within 24 hours after the LIVE class ends.

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