DSA Prime 2.0 - Master Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

    Master Data Structures & Algorithms in Java with our comprehensive DSA course, featuring interactive contests, dedicated doubt support, mock test series and exclusive access to a job portal to kickstart your tech career.

    110+ Lectures

    What you'll learn

    • Preparatory Java Modules

    • Core Java, Java OOPS and Java Collection Framework

    • Exclusive Job Portal

    • Instant doubts support

    • Regular Coding Contests

    • Mock Test Series

    • 320+ Coding Problems

    • Beginners friendly

    • Master the concepts of Arrays

    • Master the concepts of Linked Lists

    • Dive deep in Stacks

    • Detailed insights on Queues

    This course includes:

    • Beginners Friendly Course

    • LIVE classes every Sunday at 9 PM

    • 80+ hours on-demand video

    • 80+ downloadable resource

    • 320+ Coding Problems

    • Doubts solving classes

    • Homework & Assignment Every Week

    • Certificate of completion

    Course content

    Cohort Started from 09 March

    Problem Solving Techniques - I (Basics)

    2 Weeks

    Worried about Recursion & Backtracking? We will learn a step-by-step process to tackle almost any Recursion & Backtracking problem.

    Time & Space Complexity
    • Learn how to solve recursion problems, Time & space complexity

    • Advanced backtracking concepts, Rat in a Maze, N-Queen Problem, etc.

    Data Structures - I (Basics)

    4 Weeks

    Linear data structures such as Arrays, Linked Lists are most often overlooked by students. However, more than 90% of the interviewers ask problems from these very basic data structures. Don't worry, we have got your back here as well.

    Linked Lists
    • Learn how to solve Array problems, Sliding window, 2 pointer algorithm, Kaden's Algorithm, 2D Array problems

    • Inserting, deleting and updating a Node in Linked Lists, Solve medium problems like Detect cycle, Merge k sorted Linked Lists, Learn how to solve hard Linked List problems

    • Introduction to stacks, Stacks using Arrays and Linked Lists, Solve hard problems using stacks

    • Learn about queues, Basics Implementation of queue, Circular queue, Stack using queue, Queue using stack, etc.

    Problem Solving Techniques - II (Advanced)

    3 Weeks

    Hiring candidates with strong problem solving skills is hugely beneficial for a company. So in order to pass the interviews, you need to have your "Problem Solving Toolbox" complete with these topics.

    Bit Manipulation
    Binary Searching
    Divide & Conquer
    Greedy Programming
    • Bit manipulation techniques, Solve problems using XOR operations, Combinatorics

    • Learn about the binary searching algorithm, Variations of binary searching, Quick Sort, Merge sort using Divide & conquer technique

    • Greedy programming concepts, Learn how to solve Activity selection, Job sequencing problem, etc.


    2 Weeks

    Trees are one of the most favorite topics of many interviewers. So we are going to cover Trees in great detail which will also help you improve your Recursion concepts.

    Binary Trees
    Binary Search Trees
    AVL Trees
    • Introduction to trees, Build tree using Node class, Binary tree traversals, Diameter, Height, Size, etc. of a Binary Tree

    • Inserting, Deleting and Updating a Node in a Binary Search Tree, Balanced BST (AVL Tree) rotations, Solve tons of problems on BST

    Data Structures - II (Advanced)

    3 Weeks

    Advanced Data Structures like Hashmaps, Priority Queues and Disjoint sets can help you improve the Time complexity of various problems. We will also solve multiple problems on the Graph Data Structure.

    Priority Queues
    Disjoint Sets
    • Introduction to Hashmaps, Inbuilt Hashmap, Collision handling, Load factor, Rehashing, Space-Time tradeoff using Hashing

    • Learn about the Internal working of Priority queues, Heapify, Heap sort, Disjoint sets algorithm

    • Implement Graphs using adjacency list and Matrix, BFS and DFS Graph traversals, Weighted and directed graphs, Minimum Spanning Trees, Cycle Detection in Graphs, Kruskal's algorithm, Prim's Algorithm, Dijkstra's algorithm

    Dynamic Programming

    2 Weeks

    Dynamic Programming (DP) problems can be one of the most intimidating problems for the beginners in coding. But don't worry, we will talk about all the variations of DP problems and solve various problems too to make the learning process easier for you.

    LCS Variations
    Hard DP
    • Introduction to Memoization, Introduction to Dynamic Programming, Fibonacci numbers using recursion, memoization and dynamic programming

    • Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) using recursion, Edit distance using recursion, Knapsack problem using recursion, Box stacking, Subset sum problem, Egg dropping problem, etc.

    Trie & String Algorithms

    1 Week

    Although String is just an array of characters and we have alreay covered Arrays in multiple modules, there are certain String based Algorihtms in the real world. And Trie is an important Data Structure which is asked in many Coding Interviews and Online Assessments.

    KMP Algorithm
    Rabin Karp Algorithm
    • Introduction to Needle in a Haystack Problem, Important String Algorithms like KMP and Rabin Karp Algorithm

    • Insertion and Search Operations in Trie Data Structure and solving multiple problems related to Trie

    Starts Immediately

    Introduction to Java Programming language

    Preparatory Material

    Don't know any Java? Don't worry! We have got you covered with these complementary preparatory modules.

    Data Types
    • Install IDE and JDK, Write your first Java program, Taking user input, Loops, Various patterns problems like Square, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, etc.

    • Introduction to Arrays, 1D and 2D Array problems, Understanding Bubble sort, Insertion sort and Selection sort, Functions and scope

    OOPS & Collection Framework

    Preparatory Material

    OOPS concepts are very important from Interview point of view. In these preparatory modules, we cover all the concepts with real-world examples to help you understand them better.

    OOPS Concepts
    Comparable & Comparators
    Collection Framework
    • Learn classes & Objects, Constructors, Static members, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract classes, Exception handling

    • List, Map & Queue Interfaces in Collection Framework, Collection of custom objects

    about founder

    Meet the Instructor - Mr. Anuj Kumar Sharma

    Anuj is a Software Engineer and has worked with Top Product based companies like Amazon and Urban Company in the past. He manages his personal YouTube channel named Anuj Bhaiya with a subscriber base of more than 4 Lakh students. After leaving his job at Amazon, Anuj has devoted his life to helping students to learn coding. "Anyone can learn how to code with the right training and support. That's why I created Coding Shuttle to provide comprehensive programs designed to help students at all levels of expertise, from complete beginners to advanced coders looking to enhance their skills." - from Anuj


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    Rishabh Bajpai
    Rishabh Bajpai

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    “ As a budding programmer, I found the platform to be incredibly user-friendly, making the learning process enjoyable and efficient. ”

    Mangesh Pawar
    Mangesh Pawar

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I switch my domain from non-technical to technical after learning this program?

    You can definitely switch once you have the skill sets and the practical implementation that is provided in this program. Your degree does not matter to get you into a technical role these days.

    What is the duration of this Program and how long will I have access to this program?

    The course duration is 5 months. You will have access to the program content for 2 years.

    How will my doubts get resolved?

    You can raise your questions on our Forums or Discord workspace to get help from our mentors. We also conduct interactive Live sessions to clear any more doubts or questions you may have.

    Can I pay using EMIs?

    Yes, You can pay using EMIs. We also offer no-cost EMIs on all major Credit Cards as well as some Debit Cards.

    Do I need a computer for this program?

    Yes, you are required to have a decent laptop/computer with an internet connection.

    Can we download the video content?

    Although you can download the class notes, you will not be allowed to download any video content.

    I am not from a programming background, is this course fit for me?

    Some programming background is necessary to continue in this course. However if you are a complete beginner in Java, we do provide complementary preparatory modules to help you learn Java programming language at your own pace.

    I do not know any programming language, can I join this program?

    Java is essential to continue this Program, We have some preparatory modules to help you learn Java if you are not familiar with the Java programming language. You can access these modules immediately after you enroll in this course.

    Is there any Placements Assistance with this Program?

    Yes, we provide placements assistance in the form of Resume reviews, placements guidance webinars, job alerts, and Top Industry Mentors group sessions.

    Will I get job opportunities after completing this program?

    We offer a dedicated Job portal to present you with the latest Job opportunities. Although, we cannot guarantee a job, because nobody can. We promise that you will be 100% prepared to face any SDE level interviews if you complete the course diligently.

    How do the classes take place?

    The classes will take place in both pre-recorded and LIVE modes. The recorded lessons can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time. The timings for the LIVE sessions will be shared after the batch starts.

    What if I miss any of the LIVE Classes?

    Don’t worry, The recordings of every LIVE class will be shared on our platform within 24 hours after the LIVE class ends.

    Are certifications provided?

    Yes, you will get a course completion certificate once you complete this program. This certificate can be verified online using the unique certificate Id.

    Do you provide any other course materials as well?

    Yes, we will provide you with class notes as well as handpicked problems on our platform. Along with that we also provide complementary Java preparatory modules to help you get started with the Java programming language.

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